About Me

I grew up an unhappy and overweight kid that was always teased about my weight. I then went down the typical path of a safe and predictable career, got married and had two amazing girls. About 13 years ago, I was 260 lbs, miserable with myself and decided I had had enough. I tried every diet and needed to get to the root of the issues. I needed to figure out how my mind worked, so I could shed light on my thoughts and feelings. From that point on, I made a lot of changes in my life. I spent years in counseling, I read countless books, listened to hours of podcasts and took many courses. I started changing myself from the inside-out. I learned to eat healthfully and how to love it. I’ve lost 75 lbs and kept it off. I learned about the real and deep-rooted reasons why we become overweight. More importantly, I’ve learned how to overcome those reasons and live a full life. 'Everlasting' is my way of giving back and helping others get deep-down into your old thoughts, feelings and emotions. My sessions will help you change your old programming, create new thoughts, manage your emotions and help change your relationship with food forever. I can relate to all of the things you may have already tried. I’ve "walked the walk". I overhauled my life, have distilled every book, course, blog post, etc. and taken all of the best aspects of each one. I became a certified health coach, and 'Everlasting' was born. Your best years are still ahead of you, and I want to help get you there.


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Boston, Ma