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Cindy's Story

I’ve struggled with being overweight, weight loss, and having a healthy relationship with food and exercise my entire life. Diets were also my go-to, quick-fix, starting with diet workshop, diet pills, liquid protein diets, weight watchers and Noom to name a few. Lately, I became so desperate that I would buy the Woman’s World magazine each week because they would always feature a diet that worked great for someone. None of them worked for me.  Don’t get me wrong, my diets all worked to begin with, but I found that none of them were sustainable. I could always lose some weight initially, but that would eventually taper off, and then I’d lose the motivation to continue, only to gain the weight back...and more.   

Ten years ago, I had lap band surgery. I lost weight initially but found myself gaining weight back. I knew I had to do something but felt helpless trying to figure it out. My bad knees were getting worse as my weight creeped up and I knew I couldn’t do surgery without taking some off. 

I began working with Eric in September - his approach was like nothing I have ever experienced before. He truly cares about helping people loose weight and brings his own experiences to the table.  Eric brings kindness and patience to the process and helped me address the emotional and physical aspects that caused me to gain weight and never truly be able to keep it off. His check ins always seem to coincide with the times that I need advice and support the most, helping me to succeed in achieving my health goals. Although I am not at my goal weight, for the first time in my life, I know I will not only get there but I’ll stay there. 

If you ever have wanted to loose weight and keep it off I encourage you to take advantage of Eric’s knowledge and coaching. What have you got to lose?

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